Here are some of the powerful features at your disposal.

Customize Your

MIRS’ new web site allows you to determine how your MIRS will appear each time you enter the web site. Are the Senate and House Action Reports your top priority? Now you can make them your home page.

Have trouble seeing small text, now you can chose between the default font size or a larger font size to make MIRS easier to read. All these settings you can adjust in the My Account feature of the web site.

Under My Account, you’ll also be able to update your contact information should your office move, or should your e-mail address change.

The following are other powerful tools available on MIRSnews

Email Alerts

Each day you will receive from us an e-mail alert. This alert is not our complete report but a publication notice that includes a hyperlink to the full report and a list of all our headlines with hyperlinks directly to individual stories. The headlines are included as a customer service.

Press Releases

Every press release that MIRSnews receives, you have access too. From major public policy releases and studies to partisan comment — you can see it all with a subscription to MIRS. Daily press releases sent via e-mail each morning along with ( are e-mailed to you each and every day.

Statewide Headlines

MIRS staff scours the state’s daily newspapers for you each morning, seven days a week (Monday through Friday before 9 a.m.). To look at on-line headlines from around the state of importance to Michigan government, visit our Statewide Headlines page. Don’t miss out on key stories from the Associated Press, The Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, and many more sources.

Pollster’s Corner

At MIRS we’re political junkies and we upload to our site all of the Michigan political survey questions and crosstabs we can get our hands on. MIRS does a fair amount of original polling as well. Our Pollster’s Corner includes poll data going back to 2002. Great for

MIRS Billhound

A service upgrade MIRS’ offers is to allow clients to create customized bill tracking lists. Always up to date, the bill tracking feature is integrated throughout to allow you to add bills from committee calendars, our Capitol Capsule or through data searches.

Legislative Directories

Our web site features House and Senate membership directories that are searchable. The list can also be sorted by district number, by name or by term. The directories include an e-mail link and a link to the lawmaker’s official website, as well as biographical information for each legislator.

House and Senate Committee Rosters These directories include Appropriations Subcommittee rosters as well.

Legislative Committee Meeting Schedule

Displayed in day and time order for both House and Senate, these guides are updated each day to reflect new and changed committee meetings. Look for the updated graphic for new or changed meetings.

Capitol Calendar

Updated each Monday, this is the Capitol’s most exhaustive list of political fund-raisers. Scheduling an event? Be sure to check here to make sure you’re choosing a good time with as few conflicts as possible.

Executive Branch Calendar

Executive Branch Calendar Compiled at the beginning of each month, this calendar lists key meetings of executive branch agencies and commissions.

Public Acts List

Need to see the most recent Public Acts list? These reports are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top. Regulatory Report

Regulatory Report

Updated every two weeks, this report lists action in the area of administrative rules. The report, broken into categories, lists approved and pending administrative rules, pending hearings on proposed rules and other vital information for those who follow the administrative rules process.

Other Site Interests

We’ve put together web links to key Michigan government web sites, Michigan courts, political parties, media sources and much, much more. For rapid access to all the information you could want about public policy, politics and Michigan government, check out our comprehensive list of links.