• – January 2019 Recoding of entire MIRS website.  In January, MIRS undertook the task of recoding the millions of lines of code that make up www.mirsnews.com.  After being online for nearly 17 years, the site had become comprised of php coding editions that were no longer supported.

    The result, the site had become slow and sluggish and the main server struggled to work through “code errors” that the user couldn’t see.  With the conclusion of the project, the entire site structure is coded in the most recent version of PHP – meaning faster response time and a reduction in the risk of site failure.

  • – February 2019 – Migrated from a locally hosted, physical server to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server – the same company that services such internet giants as Netflix, Expedia, Adobe, Dow Jones, Comcast and GE Health Care Services.

    The migration accomplished two things. First, it ends the disruption caused by semi-annual migration from physical server when those servers need to be upgraded.  With a site the size of MIRSnews.com, this meant temporary loss of functionality.  With a cloud based server – those disruptions come to an end.

    Also, user speed.  In 2019, the performance of www.mirsnews.com in bench speed tests improved by 40 percent.  That gain in speed is the result of migrating the site to an AWS cloud server as well as the recoding of the entire website.

  • – May 2019 – Updated site to allow committee related documents to appear on MIRS‘ Bill Page along with other pertinent legislative analyses provided by the House and Senate Fiscal Agency.

  • – July 2019, began updating the MIRS’ election guide to include bios of 2020 candidates for the Michigan House and 14 Congressional districts.

  • – 2017/2018 Legisative cycle, added detailed Committee reports including how members voted in Committee Meetings for all House and Senate Committees.  Find these reports by going to the MIRS House or Senate Committee Roster and selecting the committee.

    Under the committee, you’ll see a “View Meeting Agendas/Actions” section.  Click this link to view pending meetings and past meetings.  The reports will include meeting minutes, submitted testimony and whether any votes were taken.