The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Michigan Information & Research Service Inc. (MIRS). If after reading through these FAQs, you have additional questions, just click on the e-mail link below and drop us a line.

MIRS provides comprehensive news and analysis of state government delivered in written reports detailing the activities of the House, Senate, Judicial and Executive branches of Michigan state government.

The company provides its service Monday through Friday of every week (we are closed on traditional government holidays). The reports include a written component (Capitol Capsule), and action reports which list the bills dealt with during each legislative session day in each chamber of the Legislature.

MIRS‘ Capitol Capsule features news on what is happening with key legislative initiatives, prospects for action, in-depth coverage of elections and coverage of key news events such as party conventions, public policy conferences and the like. Our reporters also bring you keen insight on what’s happening on issues, how those issues may impact state elections and politics and much more.

MIRS‘ action reports provide a detailed listing of introduced bills, bills on Second Reading (General Orders in the Senate), Third Reading, etc. We even tell you who successfully amended a bill on the floor of the House or Senate (a service exclusive to MIRS), and what legislative substitute is the latest for the bill you’re tracking.

Also included in MIRS‘ service are regular calendars of committee meetings, political fund raisers and executive branch meetings as well as a regular report on the state’s administrative rules process.

MIRS is available on-line through our web page. Subscribers also receive a daily e-mail outlining our headlines of the day as well as providing hyperlinks to the report on the world wide web of the Internet. Once logged on, subscribers can print off the report from the web. MIRS also is the most interactive legislative and political information service on the market.

Our clients are able to customize the appearance of their MIRS by moving content boxes on the right and left panes up or down, or hiding them all together. Clients can also change their own contact information, set their own MIRS home page to be opened each time they access the site.

MIRS also has a new “persistent log-in” feature. With this feature, you log-in once from your primary computer and you won’t be prompted to log-in again unless you are using a new computer or are away from home. Each log-in can be used up to four times per day.

Our web reports are hot-linked to the Michigan legislative service bureau’s web site. So, every time we mention a bill, in any component of our report, all legislative history and available analysis are simply a mouse-click away. Our House and Senate Actvities Reports also include hyper-links to the original Public Acts that proposed legislation would amend so you can read up on existing law.

Also, when new committee meetings are announced, or agendas changed, you’ll be able to quickly determine such changes. Our on-line committee listing highlights calendar changes or additions with easy-to-spot update graphics. The following is an example of an update graphic:

We also feature text search engine to allow you to search our Capitol Capsule reports by key-word, and date range (date range will be optional). This powerful search engine gives you a list of hyper-linked editions that also provide a brief description of the contents of each edition yielded from the result. Our on-line subscribers can also view results and cross tabs from recent political polls with our newest offering, Pollster’s Corner. This new feature allows our readers to decipher on their own the latest polls and is an on-line only offering.

MIRS’ online home page also provides links to news stories from around the state, updated each weekday by 9 am. At MIRS we pride ourselves on being the state government and politics news home for our subscribers.

Fortune 500 companies, lobbyists, government officials, law firms, local governments, universities, organized labor groups, statewide trade organizations and professionals who have to stay on top of changes in laws impacting any given area.

In short, those who subscribe to MIRS are those who must be kept up to date on what is happening in the state’s Legislature, state agencies and in Michigan politics.

MIRS is actually Michigan’s oldest daily capitol newsletter. The company began in 1961 during the state’s last Constitutional Convention (Con Con) to allow lobbyists to track both the proceedings of the Con Con and the state’s Legislature.

In several ways.

First, MIRS Inc. is Lansing’s only Michigan-owned daily capitol news service. Other companies are transplants from out-of-state.

Second, experience. MIRS offers its customers more than 100-years of combined staff experience. View our Staff Bios

Combined, MIRS brings you the value of more than 100 years of experience. A level of news, legislative and state government experience that is simply second to none.

Third, is price. MIRS offers you more experience, more online features, and more news, for less. For a complete web site demonstration and/or pricing information, contact MIRS offices at 517-482-2125.

Fourth, our House and Senate action reports are the most detailed available. Listing the sponsors of successful floor amendments so you’ll know if you’re tracking a bill who had a hand in its final crafting.

Of course.

Simply fill out our MIRS free trial subscription form. Or drop us an e-mail.